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Our People


In 2003 Paul Holtz, a certified journeyman machinist with a knack for problem solving, founded Millwright Machine with over 10 years of experience in heavy equipment repair and design. Since then, the small machine shop's services have grown to be trusted all across Northen Alberta.


Our team at Millwright Machine consists of certified machinists, welders and millwrights who work hard to provide quality service on a tight deadline. We have over 100 years of combined experience. Every employee brings a valuable asset to the table, making our team the best when it comes to experience, knowledge, and customer care. 


Between jobs, we take the time to enjoy occasional summer barbeques together, or compete in a friendly round at the Grande Prairie gun range. Together, we make the Millwright Machine that Alberta knows and trusts.

Paul Holtz and his wife Margaret, owner of Millwright Machine
What can be fixed


"If it was made by man, it can be fixed by man."

At Millwright Machine, we get jobs of all sizes and scopes. We focus on industrial equipment repairs and custom manufacturing, because that's what we're good at.

Millwright Machine is more than just a heavy equipment repair shop.

  • We make custom parts for our customers

  • We improve the design of parts to better fit the customer.

  • We use reverse engineering to solve problems that equipment is causing.


There are four benefits as a result of our services: improved part performance, reduced down time, decreased expenses, and reuse of obsolete parts.

  1. Improved Part Performance: We strive to work with our clients to analyze part failures and redesign for better part life and efficiency.

  2. Reduced Down Time: Lead time waiting for new parts can be costly. Reduce your down time by giving us a call.

  3. Decreased Expenses: Repairs to worn parts are often more cost effective than buying new.

  4. Reuse of Obsolete Parts: Obsolete parts can render an entire machine useless. Let us help get it operating again.

Save time and money
Safety Compliance

Safety Compliance

Our workers, our machines, and our customer parts all rely on safe work practices. When visiting our shop, please stop in the front office to sign in and receive safety equipment, and never enter the back or the yard without one of our staff. We appreciate your compliance.

Avetta Logo | Millwright Machine Safety Compliance
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