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At Millwright Machine, our equipment has some of the largest capacities in Northern Alberta.

Our detailed maintenance program keeps this high-end machinery always ready to go.

We have carefully sought and secured equipment and tooling, new and used, through auctions and close outs to keep our costs low. Some of our tooling and equipment is made in house. After 20 years of experience, we know what works best to fix your parts--outperforming commercially available counterparts. We also have an extensive weekly maintenance program to keep our machines in optimum operating condition.

  • Cylinder bench (torque nuts to 20,000 ft lbs)

  • Automatic honing bench

  • Pressure testing bench

  • Cylinder manufacturing

  • CNC Lathe (21" x 50")

  • CNC Milling Machine (travel: X1050mm x Y510mm x Z560mm)

Milling Machine | Industrial Repair Machines
  • Tig welding and mig welding

  • Portable welding services

  • Plasma cutter

  • Arc welding

  • Aluminum spool gun

Milling Machine | Industrial Repair Machines
  • Hot and cold spray build ups

  • Bore welder

(See previous for general welding.)

Milling Machine | Industrial Repair Machines
  • 150 ton vertical press

  • 50 ton porta power

  • 30 ton horiztonal press

    • e.g. removing bearings/sheaves/​ gears/packer wheels etc. off of long shafts that don't fit in a regular press

  • 6 lathes from 12" x 48" to 40" swing x 200" centres

  • This includes 2 lathes with 6" spindle bores.

  • Radial arm drill press

    • 15" column

    • 72" radius

    • 15" feed stroke

  • Rigid column with x/y table and DRO


Pick up and delivery available.​

  • (3) 2 ton shop cranes

  • (2) 5 ton cranes

  • (2) 10 ton cranes

  • 6,000 lb forklift

  • 1 ton flat deck service truck

  • 3/4 ton parts truck

  • Full fleet of material carts for efficient work handling inside shop

Milling Machine | Industrial Repair Machines
  • Plasma cutter

  • Band saw

  • Cold cut saw

  • Pattern burning table

  • Boring mill with 48" square rotary table

  • Boring mill with 6' x 10' table and 15 tonne load capacity

  • 2 turret mills

  • Horizontal mill

Milling Machine | Industrial Repair Machines
  • Portable line boring

  • Portable key cutting

  • Portable flange facing

  • Portable lathe

  • Portable welding

  • Portable bore welder

  • Drier / mixing drum tire machining

  • Vertical 6" slotter

  • 4" power pipe threader

  • Chrome rod for hydraulic cylinder rebuilding, inch and metric

  • Metric shafting

  • Induction hardened pin materials, inch and metric

  • Precision finished shafting in 1144, 1045 and 4140 materials

  • Hot finished materials in 1040, 1045, 4140, 4340, 4130NACE

  • Cold finished materials in 1018 round, square and hex

  • Steel plate and structural profiles

  • Plastics in nylon, nylatron, and polyurethane, vesconite, delrin

  • Metric and inch fasteners, in gr. 10.9 (or) gr. 8 steel and stainless, hex head and socket head

  • Dowel pins; tapered, inch and metric straight

  • #945 aluminum bronze and #660 bronze bushing materials

  • Cast iron round bar

  • Steel hydraulic tubing (pressure rated)

  • Seamless tube

  • Aluminum

Milling Machine | Industrial Repair Machines


A lot of thought went into the construction and design of our site, which has been designed specifically for efficient and safe industrial repairs.
  • The layout of the shop is such that every square foot of space is maximized, and machines are located for accessibility by job cart or crane.

  • Open areas have multiple uses, decreasing building size requirements.

  • Flat floors ensure secure machine set up and accurate fabrication. Designed to accommodate the size of our machines, the slab is thickened under the bigger machines (12" to 24", depending on the machine). Expansions joints are cut around each machine, so that they remain level with a secure footing.

  • Crane sizes and layouts are paired with machine sizes and locations, placed strategically for efficient work flow through the shop.

  • We have invested extensivly in organized tooling for maximum productivity.

  • Our specialized bar stock handling system minimizes handling time.

  • The layout of the yard allows for efficient movement of goods and vehicles, allowing many jobs to be on the go simultaneously without bottlenecks.

  • 4 electrical plugs are located every 6' around the inside perimeter of the building on alternating circuits, so that power to get jobs done is always a step away.

  • We put 2 airlines at every machine plus several spares, with air hoses on retractable reels, thus air is always in reach and easy to recoil with no tripping hazards.

  • Our lot location is intentionally close to industry for current and future trucking accessibility, lay out options, elevation and drainage.

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